Skip Hire Prices

skip hire prices

Skip Hire Prices and Discounts

How to make sure you get the best prices for skip hire.

Domestic waste collection has changed a lot over recent years, with rubbish collectors from your local authority checking what’s in your wheelie bin and fines for not recycling properly. Even small jobs like clearing out your shed or throwing out some furniture can create difficulties. So the market for domestic skip hire is booming, and increased competition can mean only one thing – cheaper prices for you!

Chances are you will need to hire a skip at some point in your life, and if you’re not used to it, the bewildering range of prices from every skip hire company can be disconcerting. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so it may be worth being direct and asking for a discount – you never know!

You should be aware that costs may vary from location to location. Hire a skip in London and you may get charged more than in Birmingham for example, because of congestion charges. Hire a skip in Manchester, and you may pay more than in a country village either because permits make the city more expensive, or because delivery distances may make trips to the country dearer. You can’t tell until you get a specific quote for your personal situation, so don’t be misled by low prices shown on a website – they’ll probably say ‘prices from’, so you need to know about any extra costs.

Make sure you get an accurate quote for the full cost, rather than just an estimate costing, or you could be in for a nasty surprise when you’ve already committed to the hire.

Make sure you tell the skip hire company 4 things:

1)    How long you want the skip for – they may add charges per day or week

2)    What you are going to put in it – some items need special treatment

3)    How much you need to put in it – get the right size skip

4)    Where you’re going to put it – you may need a permit

By doing this, you can avoid extra costs and get realistic cheap skip hire that will not change with hidden extras.

Remember that if you have any hazardous waste to throw away, you need to inform the company of this. Otherwise you could face extra costs for specialised disposal or even a fine from the local authority.

Skip bags – one way to reduce costs.

Skip bags are made of very strong material but otherwise are like very large carrier bags. If you’ve ever seen sand or gravel delivered, you will know what they look like. They don’t hold as much as a skip – you will normally be limited to 1.5 cubic metres – but there are several advantages:

  • ·         They will normally hold as much as a ton of, for example, soil.
  • ·         They can be stored flat until you need them.
  • ·         You don’t need permits for skip bags.
  • ·         They are usually dropped off with grab arms, so they can be lifted over fences etc.

Just make sure you don’t stick it in the garage and fill it with a ton of soil, because you’ll never be able to get it out!

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