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Where can I keep the skip?
If possible, the best place to put the skip is on your driveway. It is possible to position it on the road, but this may require a permit. If you apply yourself it can take ten days, or your skip hire company may be able to deal with it instead.

What is the cost of skip hire?
Prices vary according to size. There can be variations depending on your location. If you need us to deal with hazardous waste or to get permits, this may cost more. Call us for cheap skip hire deals.

What happens to my waste after it is collected?
We aim to recycle as much rubbish as possible. We sort by hand and with machinery before waste is taken for reprocessing elsewhere in the UK.

What types of skips can you supply?
We have a wide variety of skips to suit all requirements, commercial or domestic, big or small.

What sort of things am I allowed to throw away in a skip?
Most general household waste is fine. The sort of rubbish you would put in your own bin but there’s too much of it or it’s too bulky. Garden waste, furniture, bricks and wood etc. If you’re not sure, ask us or speak to the driver when he delivers the skip.

What can’t I put in?
There is a fairly long list of items that you can’t throw in a skip. Pressurised gas canisters, asbestos and oil are fairly obvious, but you may not be aware of other prohibited items, such as batteries, paint cans, tyres and fluorescent tubes. This doesn’t mean you can’t throw these things away, but they either need to be kept separate from general waste or they need to be handled differently because they are hazardous. We may still be able to deal with them, but we might need permits and advance notice. If you’re not sure, always ask us.

How far in advance do I need to book skip? hire
We can usually deliver within 24 hours. If any permits are required, these can take 10 days.

Is there a limit to how much I can put in the skip?
You can put as much as you like in the skip as long as it doesn’t stick out above the top. Legally, we won’t be able to take it away, so make sure you get the right size.

What is meant by ‘wait and load?’
We can deliver the skip, wait while it is loaded, then drive it away again. If you opt for this service, you will not have to obtain a permit to store the skip on the street and will avoid any problems leaving it overnight. Sometimes the driver may help you to load the skip.

What are the regulations associated with waste disposal and skip hire?
You should be able to get Duty of Care documents from skip hire companies. We can advise on any legal requirements.

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