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Cheap Skip Hire – a few pointers

 Obviously you’re looking for cheap skip hire, but there are a few things you should bear in mind as you look.

 Some items cannot be thrown into a skip – we’re not being picky, this is a legal restriction. Hazardous items like gas canisters and asbestos are obviously not allowed, but fridges, TVs, batteries and tyres are also banned.

 You’ll have to think carefully about how much you need to get in the skip. It’s usually worth going for a bigger skip than you think, since they fill up surprisingly fast! Legally we cannot drive away a skip that is filled over the top, so make allowances for this. We aim to provide you with the best skip hire prices, so don’t make a mistake and end up having to order two!

 Have a think about where you’re going to put your skip. You can’t block other people’s driveways, and you may need a waste disposal permit to keep the skip on the road. Leaving it on your lawn may seem sensible, but it can damage the grass. Remember we will need to reverse the delivery vehicle up to the space and unload from the back, so avoid picking a position that is just over your brand new fence and inches from your prize begonias! Our drivers will know where they can place the skip safely and legally.

 Most skip hire companies specialise in either commercial or domestic markets, but they will usually deal with both. Make sure you pick a company that can understand and help with your requirements.  Depending on your situation, you may prefer to avoid companies that do not give you proper quotes and ask you to pay the driver when the skip is delivered. Skip hire companies should be registered with the Institute of Waste Management. Check for this to ensure you get a professional service and are properly insured. If you order a skip from us you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

 If you are concerned about any of these issues, just give us a call or check out our frequently asked questions page.

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