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The rise of the internet had transformed the way that we all shop and do business. After all, wouldn’t you prefer staying at home and getting what you need with a few mouse clicks instead of trawling round shopping centres and supermarkets, battling the crowds?

The option to research different prices online has really changed from the days when you might sit with the yellow pages making phone calls to get the best deals. Competition is intense, and as long as you know where to look, cheap prices are there to be found.

Skip hire companies have adapted to use the internet as much as other businesses. It is not enough to rely on repeat business and word of mouth these days. If you don’t offer the best prices, customers will just find another supplier. Online skip hire has become easily accessible to all.

Online skip hire – what you need to consider.

It is difficult to get a fixed price from a skip hire company, because every job is different. One size doesn’t fit all! It helps if you can have a few things clear in your mind when you get your quote:

1) The POSITION of the skip
2) The LENGTH OF TIME you need it for
3) The AMOUNT of waste you have
4) The TYPE OF WASTE you are throwing away

Knowing this information in advance will help you to avoid hidden or extra charges and help you to get the best deals on skip hire.

POSITION – If you can put the skip on your driveway, this is usually the best option. It is possible to keep skips on the road, but this may cost more, because you may need lights and cones to keep the skip visible at night, and you may need a permit to keep it there at all. These can take 10 days – you can apply for them yourself or the skip hire company can deal with the process for you.

LENGTH OF TIME – This often won’t affect the cost, but the skip hire company will need to know how long you want the skip for. It is sometimes possible for the driver to wait while you load the skip, but this may cost more.

AMOUNT – this will affect the size of the skip you need. Make sure you don’t run out of space. There are a range of skip sizes available and they all cost different amounts.

TYPE OF WASTE – This is perhaps the most important consideration, since there are regulations about what you can or can’t throw away. Many people would know better than to throw gas canisters, flammable materials and asbestos into a skip, but did you know that fluorescent tubes, fridges, TVs and paint cans are also not generally allowed? When you book the skip, let the company know what sort of waste you have, then they can advise you further. They can often deal with these items, but it may cost them more to process and they may have to pick them up separately.

As you can see, there are several things you need to think through before booking skip hire online, so it may be necessary at some point to confirm over the phone. This will give you peace of mind that legal issues have been covered and ensure that there are no hidden surprises at a later date.

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