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Keep skip hire prices to a minimum Each skip hire company will have different costs and will charge different prices. There is a lot of competition in the market at the moment, so you should be able to find some great skip hire deals online. Some companies don’t publish their price list, so if you [...]

Why hire a skip? A few of the benefits  Better than the tip Do you want to load rubbish into your car, possibly several times, getting it filthy and driving back and forth to the dump several times with the associated petrol costs? Having a skip is straightforward and cost effective. If you unload at [...]

London skip hire There are many great things about living in London, but excess space is not one of them. You’re as likely to need a skip as anyone else in the country though, so is there anything else you need to consider? Clearly the space issue could be a problem – where are you [...]

The legal side of skip hire The National Skip Hire Association Professional and ethical practice in the skip hire trade in the British Isles is monitored by the National Skip Hire Association. They are able to take action against companies that operate in an unprofessional manner and that give the industry a bad name. Companies [...]

Hire a Mini Skip Size isn’t everything! When you need a skip, you would do well to consider one of the most popular domestic solutions, which is the mini skip. Small but mighty, you can get about 30 black rubbish bags in one, or as much as two tons of soil, so for smaller jobs [...]

Some info on Skip Hire You’ve got your power tools, you’ve got your sledgehammer and you’ve got your work clothes on. In a few minutes you’re going to be surrounded by the rubble of that wall you’ve destroyed, or the splinters of the units you’ve ripped out. It may be a satisfying process, but what [...]

Choosing the best skip hire company Rubbish rescue or DIY SOS? So you can’t get in your garage any more, or the garden is so overgrown that you can’t see the fence. Maybe you’re a DIY king or queen and you’ve decided to rebuild those wardrobes or knock through a wall! The sort of projects [...]

Explore Cheap Skip Hire Online The rise of the internet had transformed the way that we all shop and do business. After all, wouldn’t you prefer staying at home and getting what you need with a few mouse clicks instead of trawling round shopping centres and supermarkets, battling the crowds? The option to research different [...]

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