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Welcome to Skip4DPW – the UK’s largest skip hire company

Reliable, nationwide skip hire at a price you can afford. Need a skip to suit your needs anywhere in the country? Then we can help. Whether you’re clearing out the loft, attacking an overgrown garden or doing some DIY, we have the right solution and the best skip hire prices.

We provide nationwide skip hire for both domestic and trade customers. As the largest skip hire and waste disposal contractor in the UK, you can be assured of quality service at the lowest prices. One phone call is all you need to order a skip anywhere in the country. We are not a skip hire brokerage. All our skips belong to us, so you can be assured you are not paying more than you need to.

Lowest skip hire prices around.  If you’re hesitant to start trawling through the yellow pages or scouring the internet, trust us to do the work for you. We can advise you on the correct product for your requirements and talk you through any problems you might have.

Cheap skip hire – call now to save!

Skip hire prices – one size doesn’t fit all!If you’re in the building trade, you probably know what sort of skip you need, but most calls we get begin with ‘what size skip should I get?’ Rest assured, that’s not a silly question – even professionals struggle to work it out. Perhaps you’d like us to come and look at the job so we can advise you – just call and we’ll see what we can do!

The worst thing that can happen is that you get part way through the job and realise you’re running out of room. Take our advice and go for the biggest skip your budget and space will allow. After all, two small skips will cost you more than one bigger one! There’s always more than you expected, and there’s nothing worse than piles of rubbish that never seem to go down! Tempting as it may be, piling rubbish 30 feet high in a tiny skip won’t pay off – we won’t legally be able to tow away your trash tower, and unloading a skip is much worse than loading it! If you end up with any spare space, you can always clear out that hall cupboard that’s been bugging you for months, or throw away that box of crockery you’ve had since the 70s.

To give you an idea, we’ve put together some information on the basic skip sizes, how much you can get in them and an idea of how much they cost (although you need to ring for a formal quote. Prices may vary according to location – though whether you’re in Manchester or Birmingham, Liverpool or London (or anywhere in between) you can be confident we are offering you the best skip hire prices around.

Mini Skip Hire

Only for small jobs. Think 25-30 rubbish bags. 1 to 2 cubic yards (0.75 to 1.5 cubic metres). How much room have you got? Length – 5 foot (1.5 metres) Width – 4 foot (1.2 metres). Height – 2 foot 6 inches (0.75 metres) Prices start from £75

Midi Skip Hire

Clearing out the loft or attacking an overgrown garden? Think 35 to 40 rubbish bags 3 to 4 cubic yards (2.5 to 3.5 cubic metres). How much room have you got? Length – 6 foot (1.8 metres) Width – 4 foot 3 inches (1.3 metres). Height – 3 foot 2 inches (1 metre) Prices start from £95

‘Builders’ Skip Hire

Bigger projects – clear the loft and the garage? These are the skips you see around building sites – the industry standard. Think 60 to 85 rubbish bags 6 to 8 cubic yards (4.5 to 6 cubic metres). How much room have you got? Length – 12 foot (3.6 metres) Width – 5 foot 6 inches (1.7 metres). Height – 4 foot (1.2 metres) Prices start from £120

These are only the most common domestic skips. We have plenty of other options available, including bigger skips, skip bags and a variety of commercial options. Simply give us a call and we’ll see how we can help or you can check prices online.

Skip Hire Permits

Where do you want it – on the road or in your driveway? If you want to put the skip on the street you may need a permit from your local council. We can probably deal with this for you – most skip companies have agreements with local councils which cover this. If you’re not sure, you should always check.

If there’s room on your driveway, you have no problem, although you need to leave room if you share access. Leaving the skip on your lawn is also an option, although clearly this can cause damage, so you need to be sure that the land belongs to you!

In some city areas it may not be possible to leave a skip in the road, regardless of permits, because the roads are too busy or there just isn’t enough space for traffic. People in big cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham still manage to throw rubbish away though, so don’t worry. Your local skip hire depot will be aware of such problems and can advise you on solutions or alternatives such as skip bags, which take up less space.

What can I put in my skip?

You can put most things in a skip, but there are some items that have to be dealt with separately – this is a legal requirement! You won’t be surprised by the things you are allowed to throw away, like metals, plastics and anything made of wood. Earth, bricks, cardboard and paper, anything you would recycle (‘Green waste’), plus all sorts of general waste that you might find in any household or on a building site.

It’s worth checking the list of things that you must not put in your skip, such as light tubes from fluorescent fittings, TVs and computer monitors. You may not be surprised to hear that tyres, fridges, freezers and clinical waste are banned, but you’re also not allowed to throw in paint cans or batteries of any sort. Also, asbestos is highly dangerous and you shouldn’t even be touching it, let alone throwing it in a skip!

Don’t just try to stick these items at the bottom of the pile – it’s illegal and if we don’t see them when we pick up, we will when we tip the skip out. If you’ve got any of these things to get rid of, it’s not a problem – just let us know in advance and we can dispose of them properly.

If you need cheap skip hire, whatever the job, whatever the location and whatever your requirements, we can help. Just get in touch for the best skip hire prices.

With Skip​4​D​P​W you get:
  • Cheaper Skip Hire - Due to our large fleet, coverage and decades of experience we are able to provide reliable skip hire at the most competitive prices.
  • Prompt Service - Our large nationwide coverage allows us to provide skips quickly in your area.
  • Resposible Waste Disposal - We adhere to government waste disposal legislation and recycle up to 85% of your waste.
We supply skips for the smallest of domestic needs, the most demanding trade customers and everything in between. Our skips range in size from 2 cubic yard mini skips to 12 cubic yard builder's skips and up to 40 cubic yard roll-on/roll-off containers.

For a FREE no-obligation quote Call us on 0800 907 6230 Our expert sales team will guide you through any queries you have in regards to regulation, permits and size of skip

For the best skip hire prices, trust Skip4PDW to handle the job.

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